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OS: RILIEN by Wafflegnome
haha look at me joining an rp group after two years!!! hopefully i did an okay job!! omg cry 

for :iconopenstart:!!!1!!!

i n f o ☆

Name: Rilien
Gender: Male
Age: Sixteen
Species: Human
Height/Weight: 5'5" // 50kg
Job: Shady Fortune Teller
Birthday: July 15th
Pet: A Pomeranian named Armageddon.

p e r s o n a l i t y ☆

tl;dr, Rilien is cunning, manipulative, quick-witted, social, energetic, 16 year old idiot who is scared of having to come to terms that he actually doesn't have any magical abilities.

As a Fortune Teller who makes money from lying and manipulation, Rilien is very cunning, quick-witted, but inevitably has an underlying childish demeanour. Rilien is, importantly, still a boy, and can be quite innocent and oblivious to some things, but brash and almost crude with others. He has the '16-year-old boy sense of humour', meaning mischievous, sometimes dirty jokes that only a 16 year old would find hilarious (they're not) He is the type of boy with a fear of boredom and loneliness, and in some ways, a calm and peaceful life, constantly finding a way to not feel like he is withering in his own unceasing energy. That is also the cause of Rilien's infatuation with human interaction, whether for scamming business, or simply becoming friends with people who have the ability to tolerate him.

He is very well aware that his powers as a Seer are practically non-existent, and he knows he is a fraud. As it is a potentially touchy subject, a part of him believes that without it, he may be not worth much as a person at all. He hence feels a sense of accomplishment when he is able to scam people he deems successful, capable, or even merely better than he is, despite the victory being somewhat cruel in its nature. A part of him realises that he is cowardly and perhaps, to put it bluntly, pathetic, though continues to hide it with the victories he believes makes him happy.

h i s t o r y ☆

Rilien comes from a far away place from a long line of true Seers and Fortune Tellers. As Rilien was the only one in his family to not inherit the magical ability, there was no way that he could not have felt outcasted, and as a rebellious teenager, he began to make his own money by using his family name to scam people with fake futures. His family, of course, were not happy with this, and tried to steer Rilien into a future to what Rilien would describe 'menial', preparing food, studying scholarly things, helping the family pack their tents as they travelled from town to town to share people's futures. Eventually, Rilien snapped, stealing one of the collapsable fortune teller tents -- that were bigger on the inside -- and ran away, his dog Armageddon at his heels. It was like this, did he come to Prima.

m i s c ☆

☛ Rilien usually enjoys scamming people through Crystal Balls and Tarot Cards, though may delve into nonsensical palm reading if the need hits him. He also enjoys tea leaves because he can drink tea while also spilling bullshit.
☛ He's an idiot
☛ His tent looks very small on the outside, but once entered, it is large enough for a round table and an array of books and fortune teller paraphernalia. It folds into just a small square that is tucked inside Rilien's robe, and springs up when it is smacked onto the ground. 
☛ Armageddon is only a couple of years old. It's a yapper and Rilien's best friend.
☛ He's a very social boy, and would probably make a lot of friends if they didn't realise he was a bit of an asshole.
☛ Likes to create curse words and he thinks they're very funny even if you don't.

☛  literate role-player, doesn't mind casual headcannons either!! I'm on skype, google docs and aim so hmu broskis!!!!


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello!! Nice to see you again!

I have deleted everything, and plan to start anew, let's not have this namby-pamby silly art of my younger years.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Animation, Majoring in Animation & Art Direction! Recently I have started doing my own art again, after having more than a year of not being able to do anything. Simply tragic.

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Hello I am the leader of a role play group called MKP-I. I wanted to invite you too :iconmkp-i:
The app requires a digital drawing and the main way to role play is through skype but you may do notes or others ways to rp. The basic plot is summed up below go to the group for more details.

Mapple Island - is an drop off zone 'finished' subjects. They are placed on the island but they do not knows why they are there yet it is going to show up more and more in the chapters and explain. Characters role play through the chapters finding hints and clues through exploration and reading through the chapters as well as Dairy or story entries made by Group leader(s). People are welcome to make productions and things like that but one of the group or subject goals is to find out why they are there but currently they do not know that is there goal and they are thinking more on survival. 

The current point of the role play is to make your character/everyone unaware to why they are on the island all they know for now is that no one else is there but themselves until they start meeting other subjects. The current goal is survival.

I hope to see you join. I you are not interested feel free to ignore.
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