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December 27, 2011
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CH: Jasper by Wafflegnome CH: Jasper by Wafflegnome

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Name: Jasper Beaumanoir

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Faction: Hearts

Voice: [link] had to find it again since the previous video was deleted :icontearplz:
Sexual Orientation: Straight, but could be considered Asexual in some ways.

Role: Sword of Grace

Uses his over-sized Short Sword with an abnormal amount of grace - hence his title.
Able to read expressions and can tell if someone is lying.

Weapon: An over-sized smallsword/courtsword. Can use it with both hands.

● Anything that cures his boredom
● Yanderes (thinks they're "amusing")
● Fighting
● All types of swords
● Winning
● Green

● Pompous attitudes (such as his father)
● People whose pride is too large.
● People who are unamusing or boring.
● Weak People
● Commoner Food
● Commoners in general

To sum it all up, an unamused, sadistic, arrogant jerk.
He's the type who will get bored easily, and expect to be amused or entertained. He has a variety of insults, so be boring in his eyes and expect to be insulted.
Usually has a bored or unamused stare.
Arrogant with complete faith in his swordman-ship and will get very angsty or will hold a grudge until he eventually wins a fight.
Even though he dislikes people with too much pride, he has his own pride as a person and a knight and can never seem to back down from a challenge.
Even though he is from Hearts and was born a Viscount, he speaks harshly without the upper-class accent. He can be a bit of an attention-whore and probably complains too much.
His grace when fighting and moving completely contridicts his personality and arrogance.
Doesn't mind blood or killing though usually goes for the clean kill so the blood does not tarnish his clothes.
Is quite cool-headed but if angered will go into a merciless rage and kill brutually without hesitation.
Is a good guy - it's just really ... deep down e A e ; you will see the nice side to him if he falls in love, or wants to be your friend.
Doesn't really have any friends - not that he minds.
Will flirt with someone if he thinks it will cure his boredom for a little while.
Is the type who have those very dangerous, scary smiles when they get ticked off or annoyed.
Mostly his bullying is because he's self-concious since his father never grew to accept who he was. If you point this out to him (that he's just self-concious) he'll be hurt, though won't show it for as long as he can.


Jasper was born as a Viscount in the faction of Hearts, therefore very wealthy. His mother died at birth, which broke his Earl father's heart when she came back completely different. Her father began to despise this new woman and found he could not love her anymore. He signed a divorce, not wanting to live with this woman as she had become the complete opposite of who the woman once was.
As a result of the divorce, and to the father's despise, he got full custody of Jasper, who was still a baby at the time.
He blamed the change on Jasper - calling him the name that his mother wanted to name him before she "died" as it was the mother's last wish before everything happened.
Jasper grew up in the family estate, though never had much attention from his father - whose pride was too important and his grudge too deep to step down and play the games that Jasper would have liked to play as a child.
The father also forbid his son to see his mother, Jasper doesn't know why, but believes it to be some kind of punishment.
Because his father refused to get to know Jasper and seemed uninterested, Jasper countered this by being bratty, sadistic and attention-seeking.
As his father has no time for him, Jasper was looked after the maids and butlers of the mansion - though soon after they were employed, they quit as Jasper was a child that was too difficult and stressful to look after. After a period of time, Jasper grew sad as he never got the attention he wanted from anyone, and the butlers and maids he were getting were becoming stricter and stricter, bounding him with harsher rules and conditions.
He eventually got to the point as a teenager when he had changed completely, becoming more violent, narcisstic and generally disobedient to the rules and conditions. His father began to tick him off so much because of upper-class attitude towards everyone and tried anything to make him notice him; whether good or bad.
He got so desperate that he killed one of his father's favourite butlers with his sword (though not destroying the clock).
In anger, his father stripped him of the Viscount title - something Jasper had pride in. It was the last straw for his father. This hurt him a lot as he left home as soon as he turned eighteen, his age-appearance stopping from then on and settled with the title of a knight - something he could at least ease his boredom better than being a Viscount. He was titled after his grace when fighting - the only thing his father could even hint a compliment about.

At the moment, he lives in his own house - even though stripped of his Viscount title, he is still quite wealthy. Even though he is a knight, he will only fight an opponent who looks like he could at least amuse him for a little while. He secretly enjoys the childish games he could never play as a child and has pretty much severed what little ties he had with his father. The nice guy he could have been if his father paid attention to him is no more - because of his childhood he is still the type of attention-seeking brat who was in the mansion.

Additional info:

● Amuse him or entertain him for awhile and he'll actually smile.

● Call him anything other than his name and he'll get annoyed.

● If he's actually nice to you, it means he wants something, or he's actually attracted to you.

● Chooses not to speak like some "pompous prick" and talks with a rather un-classy accent - though can speak with a very upper-class accent if he desires.

If you read all of that, thank you so much~
I hope it was readable :icontearplz:
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